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there's a free version available for DL through their patron page, better versions available if you can afford to patron, hope the dev someday releases a fixed price version on itch for those of us with more shallow pockets

be careful what you wish for, devs tend to abandon itch, for example the paid

lags way behind the free.

then there are lots of cases there the dev has sold the game then renamed the game to game version x so you'd have to rebuy the game to get an update. (i don't have issue when they are upfront about the game v x thing, it's the bait and switch that annoys me), there is no approval process for renaming so devs can and have turned paid versions into demos before

This is actually why my game won't for sale unless it is finished. I'm not even sure I'll make people pay anything for it, people will give your game for free anyway particularly in the indie scene, I prefer to capitalize on people's sympathy.

If you pay anything for my game here on it's 100% to the platform, I don't get anything. If you wanna support me, it's either Patreon or SubscribeStar let's you have newer updates with more content but it will become free eventually.

 - Grimar out.

dl not starting, other devs have mentioned itch has a file size cap so you might have to use or something as a mirror.

another option one dev did was sell through itch but host the game file on humble bundle, but i'm not sure how they set that up, and it's a bit weird because there is no humble store page for it