Updating Itchio someday maybe ?

Maybe I should update Itch.io onwe in a while ?

I sure do.
Hello everyone, so I just noticed it's been a year I didn't update my itch.io published game, it is done now, please test that out and let me know what you think of it.
It changed a LOT since year as it has been reworked over and over again, I am currently working on the very final rework of the game, with new parralax maps, professional charsheets, new CGs, reworked scenario and plugins for visual and audio effects.
Please stay tuned there is a lot on the road !

All the payment you could make downloading my game are 100% for itch.io, please support awesome game platforms.
Love to you all !

Want the newest updates ? (Public is 2 updates old)
Feel free to check my Patreon and/or my SubscribeStar !

 - Grimar out.


[22/01/2019] Four Unkown Cosmos Kisses - VER-[0.3]
Nov 10, 2017

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